The Jackson T. Stephens Spine and Neurosciences Institute is a 12-story facility at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). It houses Jackson T. Stephens spine institute at UAMS for spine and neurological care. the Center for the Athletic and Aging Spine and several departments of the UAMS College of Medicine.

The Center for the Athletic and Aging Spine in the Stephens Institute has an expansive physical therapy room with special equipment that measures minute improvement to accurately document patients’ progress.

The Center for the Athletic and Aging Spine also has a swimming pool that is wheelchair accessible and designed for water therapy. Water is most often associated in helping those with traumatic spinal cord injuries, but it is also beneficial for other types of patients, such as those who need post-operative care or have had spinal reconstruction because of degenerative changes or cancers. Walking in waist-deep water is a common resistance therapy designed to improve mobility and strength. The pool has a unique walking path with a handrail that extends all the way around its perimeter.